Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tribute: The Twenty-third Mission Presentation

When ordinary people do extraordinary things, miracles happen. Now you can hear Ted's story in a one hour presentation with slides given by his son Shaun T. Weaver. TRIBUTE tells the stories of people like you and me who stood at a dangerous crossroads and had the courage to choose to be a force for good instead of just a force for self. These brave Dutch citizens risked their lives and the lives of their families to hide allied service men and Jews during World War II. What was it in the character of these men and women that enabled them to risk their all for the sake of strangers? What can we learn from their examples of courageous compassion? The stories of these rescuers are an inspiration to us in these troubled times that we too can make a difference, even through seemingly insignificant efforts. Tribute is a challenge for us all to rise to the full stature of our mutual humanity.

"What positive and enthusiastic responses I received to your November 6th (2007) presentation given to our club membership! Both men and ladies enjoyed your talk and my husband, Vick, thought that your pictures were just terrific and made your lecture more meaningful. He felt that your delivery was perfect, and I must tell your that praise does not flow easily from his mouth."
Enid M. Lopes - Program Director, St. Pius X R.C. Church Seniors Club

To book Mr. Weaver or to request a promotional packet, call: 801-397-0582 or e mail us at dreamweavers9@gmail.com. Speaker's fee will be waived for veterans' groups. All others, please inquire.